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Schools and Groups

We have a range of programmes available to suit most budgets and time-scales.

In these days of academic targets, it is becoming increasingly common for students to suffer from anxiety and stress related conditions, it is proven that being with animals can reduce stress levels and improve and promote mental wellness.

Even the most nervous young person can be encouraged to participate. All participants leave with a great sense of achievement, and everyone receives a personalised certificate.

We aim to provide a programme that is confidence building and fun but at the same time providing the children with a sense of achievement, as well as being a challenge.  Pony trekking can be a great learning experience as well as a fun day out!

Our most popular session is the two hour groom and tack up session.  The group will learn a little about pony care and then be able to have some ‘hands-on’ experience, grooming and preparing the ponies to ride, before going out on their new friend. This option gives the students a great sense of personal achievement afterwards.  It’s not always the most confident and outgoing children who shine either, the quieter or more socially timid members of the group usually do really well. We usually recommend that staff/group leaders accompany us on foot, unless the group is very small.

Alternatively, if time or funds are limited, a river ride is another option.  Here the children are greeted and given a pony to ride, introduced to their pony, helped on, and basic instruction given (stop, start and turn – all they need to know!) and off we go.

Longer sessions or full days can be arranged, please call us to discuss your requirements. All the prices are based on a group of 8 or more riders.  For safety reasons the maximum number in a group should not exceed 10.  If your group is larger than this, please contact us for various options which may enable you to visit.

The centre is BHS approved, fully insured and inspected by the local authority. Visits can be tailored to tie in with National Curriculum/Key Stage work.

We can also offer a Changing Lives Through Horses program, which is designed in conjunction with the British Horse Society. This is designed for children suffering from emotionally based school avoidance and those requiring alternative educational provision, it is also an option for parents/caregivers who may be homeschooling children.

Booking details and prices can be found on our Bookings & Prices page.